Fixes for Glasses that Hurt the Nose Bridge


Most people wear glasses to minimize the discomfort feeling to their eyes. But what happens if you feel more pain, especially in your nose bridge? Your favorite glasses might look great and trendy, but there’s nothing great about glasses that hurt your nose bridge. They leave unsightly marks and dents when you take the glasses off.

Most people do not understand why glasses hurt the nose bridge and the best ways to eliminate the problem. They may experience difficulties in wearing their glasses or stop wearing them altogether. Fortunately, this post details everything you need to know.

Why Do Glasses Hurt the Nose Bridge?

The world is full of screens and extreme UV rays, so glasses are vital for many of us. It’s true to say that they are lifesavers. However, they can also cause some inconveniences, especially when they leave dents on the nose bridge. The dents hurt and are often annoying.

The primary reason for nose bridge pain is when the nose pad on your glasses is too tight. The nose pad should be a supportive aid to your glasses as it keeps them in shape when going about your daily activities. If the nose pad is too tight, you’ll feel pain or experience discomfort whenever you’re wearing the glasses. They can cause some marks and pain on your nose bridge, ears, and head. Your skin might be tender because your eyeglasses do not fit, so you should look for a reliable solution.

Signs That Your Eyeglasses Do Not Fit

You may have the perfect set of eyeglasses to match your style, but the fit falls flat. You should note that the size and shape of your eyewear matter more than you think. You may have your glasses hurt the nose bridge or cause other adverse issues. So how do you know your glasses are not the right fit for you?


While most glasses sit on top of the nose, the metal frames rely on the nose pads to evenly distribute weight. If they are set incorrectly, they can cause a painful pinching and leave marks on your nose bridge. It could mean that the frames are too heavy or the bridge width is too small.


Do your eyeglasses leave marks on your cheeks? The glasses might be too tight around the ears or at the temples. You may experience some discomfort that makes you rethink wearing them.

Eye Strain

You might still experience eye strain and headaches regardless of having the right size frames. It could be a sign that your pupillary distance was measured incorrectly. This distance drives comfort in how well your eyeglasses will fit.

Nose Sliding

Glasses that keep sliding down your nose can be quite frustrating. You may have to keep pulling them up, and they might not serve their purpose as expected. That’s why you should look for glasses best suited for lower nose bridges or the ones with nose pads. They can rest more securely and comfortably on your nose.

Red Marks On the Nose

Almost everyone wearing glasses experience some red marks on the nose. They mainly appear because of the nose pads. They can hurt the nose bridge if the pads are too tight. The marks are itchy and painful in most instances, making you so uncomfortable.

How to Prevent Glasses from Hurting the Nose Bridge

The best way to prevent glasses from hurting your nose bridge is to consult with an eye specialist before purchasing your glasses. The eye doctor will do everything possible to ensure that your eyeglasses are as comfortable as possible. They do this by:

  • Measuring your Glasses’ Width: An eye doctor will use a ruler to measure the distance between your right and left temple. It helps them to get the total width of your glasses. They ensure that the frame’s width is not narrower or wider than the measurement.
  • Measure Glasses’ Bridge: Glasses hurt the nose bridge if their bridge is not estimated correctly. However, an eye specialist will take accurate measurements before recommending your ideal glasses bridge.
  • Choosing the Right Frames: The right frames also play a key role in how comfortable your glasses will be. An eye doctor will ensure that your frames do not press against your cheeks as they can irritate. They also make sure that the frames are not too heavy weighted, or bulky.
  • An eye doctor can also help make adjustments to ensure your glasses sit properly on the nose. They will have you try on the glasses severally to see how they fit and if you can wear them when carrying out your daily tasks without leaving marks on your nose.

You can also remove your glasses from time to time to prevent them from hurting your nose bridge. It also helps to relieve the red marks and pain on your nose. For instance, short-sighted individuals can take off their glasses when doing things at close range.

In addition, you can avoid wearing your glasses on the nose bridge if they are too heavy. They might put unnecessary pressure on your nose, cheeks, and ears. You can push them up, so they sit on top or behind the ears to distribute weight more evenly. If your nose bridge already has marks, you can apply some petroleum jelly to relieve the pain. The petroleum jelly adds lubrication that minimizes the friction between the nose pads and the skin.

In Conclusion

Eyeglasses are crucial because they enhance vision and help individuals tackle their daily activities with optimal ease. However, some glasses hurt the nose bridge, causing marks and discomfort. This can happen if you rush to buy your eyeglasses without considering the vital factors. You should consult with an eye specialist before ordering your glasses because they can help you choose the right fit. If you have already purchased a pair with an uncomfortable nose pad, an eye specialist can help you change or adjust them to suit your needs. The doctor will also suggest the best ways to relieve the discomfort and prevent such situations from happening in the future.

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