How to Start a Handyman Business


If you know how to fix, repair, and improve things, then the handyman business is for you. A Handyman business involves repairing and maintenance of houses, buildings, and other real estate. It requires a related skill set and knowledge on how things function in dwellings, including electricity, plumbing, cleaning, construction, painting, and house renovations. A handyman business is easy to start with minimum resources.

You need to keep in mind the following steps if you want to start your own handyman business.

  1. Analyze Target Audience

To start a handyman business, first determine your market and target audience. Research the area you want to start a business in and see if there is a need for a handyman. Most places already have their own reliable handyman business. So it is necessary to start in an area where there is a demand for your business. Besides checking your business’s needs, look out for possible competitors and see where their expertise lies. You should specify your facilities in which there are minimum competitors.

  1. Register Your Handyman Company

After establishing the area of your business and your possible clients, the next step is to set your home service industry. You will have to register your handyman company with the local authorities and fill in some paperwork to legalize the work. Moreover, you will also need to select an office, business number, and email address for homeowners to contact you. A website with your expertise and facilities can also help promote your business among people.

  1. Prepare A Business Plan

Then you will need to come up with a business plan. The business plan will involve budgeting, office costs, possible employees, and the necessary tools you will need to buy. A business plan will help you analyze your position and build a sustainable business. Likewise, it will help to assess the possible clients you may get, business hours to allot, employees to hire, and the profit you will gain from the handyman business. After coming up with a rational business plan, you will be able to manage the work efficiently.

The next step is to determine your costs and how much you will charge for each hour. Handyman business involves various tasks, including gutter repair and cleaning, painting, tile installation, deck construction, deck repair, electrical wiring, flooring, installing windows, drywall repair, and renovation demolition. All these tasks require different time and labor for completion. Before starting your business, decide on the hourly rate you will charge for each job. Also, when determining the price, research the market first.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have come up with a business plan and decided on your work scope, start getting customers. Advertise your business through social media websites, distribute business cards, and network with people to spread the news about your new business. Promotion through social media is the best option nowadays, with people spending most of their time online. It takes time to get new people to trust a new home service company, and no one gets famous overnight. So it is important to stay consistent and let your work speak for you.

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