How to use the benefits of artificial intelligence?


Given how much time a person spends on gadgets, the world is already enslaved by technology. However, some scientists are seriously discussing the possibility of the revolution of machines and the emergence of artificial intelligence (hereinafter – AI), which will step on the path of war with people. How does AI influence our lives? Let’s find out!

How do the systems operating on the basis of artificial intelligence work?

To date, in many areas of science and social life, machines, or so-called robots, are entrusted with those tasks that previously only a person was able to perform, and this is what caused the creation of artificial intelligence and will continue to stimulate its development and improvement. Automated machines, which are endowed with artificial intelligence, are thus able to relieve a person from routine, in particular, activities. The essence of artificial intelligence is working with huge amounts of data. If the source information contains inaccuracies or errors, this will affect the final result.

Nudify app – realistic photos of naked girls

Service that can nude celebrities is an AI-powered naked photo generator that makes it easy to create and edit high-quality photos of naked girls. The service has quite a large library of photos. The service uses a deep neural network trained on many photos to create new images based on originals, combine base images with well-known styles, and create realistic photos of naked girls.

The security of the nudifier is determined by how the app collects and to whom it shares your data. Privacy and data protection practices may vary depending on the use of the application, region, and age of the user. The developer providing this information may update it. Besides, such services have a narrow specialization and are currently not able to work in the same multitasking that a person is capable of.

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