Three Ways Local SEO Can Transform Your Business


Local search engine optimisation is the fastest-growing segment of SEO. Thanks to lower competition and higher conversion rates, more small to medium-sized businesses are investing in local search engine optimisation strategies than ever before.

In 2021, it is estimated that 53% of all online searches will come from consumers looking to connect with a local business or service provider. Whether they’re looking for a plumber, electrician, or a local bricks and mortar store, you can expect more consumers to be using to find and connect with local businesses this year. So, as a small to medium business looking at improving the quantity and quality of leads you received online, it is time to start thinking about a localised strategy. Here are three ways that working with a local SEO company can help you increase the number of leads you received through organic search.

  1. Local SEO Provides a High ROI

The most recent search data indicates that a whopping 74% of all online searches contain a local intent will result in an offline conversion within 48 hours. That means that if someone is searching for a roofer in their area, 74% of the time they will make a booking within 48 hours. Compared to traditional SEO that has a far longer lead time, local SEO can dramatically increase it’s in a short amount of time.

  1. Capture Highly Motivated Leads

When someone included local search intent in their search query, it generally means that they are looking to make a purchase immediately. Compared to other search queries with an informational element where a consumer may go through a longer period of gathering information, local searches cater to people who want something here and now. Small to medium businesses can benefit significantly from a local SEO strategy that captures these users when they are ready to make a transaction.

  1. Local SEO Builds Trust

Local SEO means that your business becomes a local leader in your industry. Think about it like this, whenever someone is looking for a service or product you offer in your area, your business appears in front of them. Over time, this can dramatically increase your brand recognition and drive branded searches to your website.

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