Tips to Maximize Profits from Your Bitcoin Investment with Cryptobase ATMs


With a market cap of over $600 billion, bitcoin is the highest priced cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous entity behind bitcoin, decentralized and encrypted the financial model of this cryptocurrency, preventing double-spend and counterfeit issues. Bitcoin is self-regulated and secured using sophisticated and robust principles, which create a strong shield against attacks.

Bitcoin’s inherent volatility increases the risk investors have to deal with. You’ll need domain expertise and knowing some technical terms to make money with bitcoin. Terms such as Bitcoin ATMs, bitcoin machines, and Cryptobase ATM have dominated search engine searches. Bitcoin machines allow the smooth withdrawal and depositing of bitcoins from/to your online wallet.

Where to Keep Your Bitcoins

Unlike fiat money that’s storable in banks, solid money or mobile wallets, bitcoins can be stored in many ways. The following are ways to hold your cryptocurrency for trading, lending, selling & buying, and borrowing:

Software Wallets

Software-based crypto wallets hold your bitcoins for free. They offer quick and easy access to your bitcoins when the need arises. You can withdraw, trade, and transfer your bitcoins to the software wallet. Some software wallets interlink with blockchain-powered investment platforms such as Cryptobase.

Saving Protocols

Savings protocols let you store your bitcoins and earn interest. Like a savings bank account, saving protocols allow investors to lend their cryptocurrency to other investments at an agreed rate. Yields from crypto savings are as high as 10%. However, the risk level is higher compared to bank savings. Besides, money saved in a crypto saving protocol is more investment than a saving.

Crypto ATMs

Crypto ATMs make it easier for investors to change their fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa. With a Cryptobase ATM or bitcoin ATM, you can stop by any crypto-powered ATM near you to deposit bitcoins for trading or withdrawal your bitcoins. You can use your bank account or credit card to complete transactions on a crypto ATM.

Crypto Exchanges

You can keep and trade your bitcoins on a crypto token trading exchange. These online-based stock exchange platforms allow you to buy cryptocurrencies at lower rates and sell them later when the price skyrockets. Understand how crypto exchanges work before you buy crypto stocks.

Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin Investment

Those investing in cryptocurrency can earn profits through varied platforms and channels. The profit margin depends on what you’re doing with your bitcoins.

Borrowing and Lending

The crypto space has modernized to great heights. Today, you can use bitcoins as collateral to borrow hard or cold cash. If you have the fiat cash, you can also lend money to peers and earn interest. Most crypto exchanges make it possible for peers to borrow and lend cryptocurrency.

Sell and Buy

If you’re good at predictions and monitoring the crypto markets, you can also market good money trading your bitcoins. All you need is to monitor the bitcoin prices and buy when they are low. You can sell the bitcoins later once the price shoots up.

Cryptocurrency ATMs

If you have a relatively higher budget, you can invest in a crypto ATM. Bitcoin and Cryptobase ATM can earn you good money considering that transactions cost as high as 25% of the transacted amount. Installing a crypto ATM in your location is one of the most recommended ways to earn passive income. However, you must understand that Cryptocurrency ATMs are internet-connected and electrically powered. So, look for a good location with a high-speed internet connection and stable electricity supply.

These are non-complicated ways to use your Cryptobase ATM to make money. Understand bitcoin investment method favors you and go for it. If you cannot trade or lend bitcoins, consider installing a cryptocurrency ATM in your location.

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