What is the difference between do-it-yourself and professional cleaning?


Unfortunately, some people are rather skeptical about cleaning services, believing that they will be able to clean their house or apartment on their own, thus saving money. But it’s not. In this article, we explain the difference between self-cleaning and professional cleaning.

Safety rules while cleaning a house or apartment

This is an obligatory moment for all professional cleaning company employees. When doing express cleaning or post construction cleaning the house, they use special clothing that protects the skin and respiratory organs from exposure to chemicals. Sometimes safety equipment is required if, for example, window cleaning is ordered in a high-rise building.

Rational organization of work

The competent organization of the basic or deep cleaning of the house is, first of all, a clear sequence of work operations worked out to automatism. There are several rules that help employees of cleaning companies to clean efficiently and with minimal time. For example, to wet a rag, you can use a spray gun that is attached to the belt.

Professional cleaners have specialized equipment

The simplest cleaning product is a mop. This is a special sponge made of cotton or microfiber. It washes surfaces well without leaving streaks. Cleaners also use more sophisticated equipment that allows you to quickly even clean a house or apartment after repair.

  • Foam generator used for cleaning curtains and upholstered furniture. Detergent applied in the form of foam penetrates better between the fibers, more effectively removes dirt and is easier to wash out.
  • Dryer for carpets and floors. Professional cleaning companies do not leave surfaces wet.
  • Floor polisher. Marble, parquet floors and some types of linoleum flooring look much better after sanding. Its purpose is not cleaning, but giving the surface an extra shine, bringing it into perfect shape.
  • Steam generator. It is equally suitable for hard surfaces and textiles. Many contaminants are easily removed with steam, especially greasy and hard-to-reach places.
  • Machines for sweeping and washing floors. For a small apartment or house, a mechanical unit is enough, and for spacious rooms, powerful models with an electric motor and a place for the operator are used.

Cleaning with professional products

Basic or deep house and apartment cleaning service (office, other types of premises) by specialists is carried out with the help of concentrated professional products. Even if they are commercially available, working with them requires special skills and experience. In addition, you need to know the scope of each detergent or cleaning agent. Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to the “pros”.

When drawing up a contract with a client, the cleaning company assumes responsibility for the results of the work performed. If you use an unknown tool, while damaging upholstered or cabinet furniture, there will be no one to blame. Except for yourself, of course.

Contact a professional cleaning company and all issues related to cleanliness will be resolved. Your home or office will literally shine, at a relatively low cost. Reasonable prices, excellent quality and promptness of order fulfillment. Professional cleaning of the premises is carried out one-time or in accordance with a pre-agreed schedule. The services of professionals are convenient and beneficial for people who want to live about cleanliness, forgetting about dirt and dust that bring inconvenience and discomfort to life.

5 reasons often found in a cleaning company

And here are the main 5 reasons why you should seek the help of professional cleaning company specialists:

  1. Saving time and effort. Cleaning a house or apartment by a cleaning company helps to acquire or save the free time that you want to spend on a well-deserved rest, and not on household chores.
  2. Fresh smell of cleanliness. A large amount of dust accumulates in houses and apartments, which our eyes do not fall on daily, and therefore it seems to us that it is not so dirty. But for the same reason, various microorganisms and bacteria multiply on the surfaces, bugs, cockroaches and mice start up. Not everyone can prevent such problems on their own, because. certain skills and knowledge available to cleaners are required.
  3. Elimination of risk to life. In the warm season, the issue of window cleaning is acute. But not everyone wants to risk their lives for clean window surfaces. Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to professionals of cleaning companies.
  4. Low cost. For a large amount of work that you do on your own throughout the day, pay with your own free time. And by turning to the cleaners for help, you will pay a small amount and get a cleaned house or apartment.
  5. Efficiency. Specialists quickly process the application, and come to you without delay. At the same time, cleaning is carried out within several hours, depending on the area and maintaining the quality of the service provided.

If you still have doubts, then contact professional cleaners. Ask all the questions you are interested in and you will receive answers that will outweigh your opinion in the direction of decisiveness for action.

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