Why Play Sofa Set is the Best Addition to your Kid’s Playroom?


Being a mom is not an easy job; there are endless things to take care of, especially when your little ones are growing, right from developing eating habits, the introduction of all small things to engaging them in active playful activities throughout the day. Most of the children as toddlers love to be active – building, climbing, running, and even destroying your cushions and other things around your house. Therefore, Fun Square in Australia has come up with this brilliant idea of a play sofa set.

What is meant by play sofas?

The play sofa set is the best addition to your kid’s playroom as they are multifunctional couch sets that are fantastic fun for your kid’s playtime. You can even call their friends for playdates and add to their excitement even more, especially when it is raining or they cannot play outdoors. These Fun Square pillows consist of – 4 pieces of pillows, one thick base, two trapezium pillows, and one thin base. And you can even add Fun Square folding cylinder, for your children to make more structures using their imagination, these add-ons can be bought separately.

The play sofa set includes soft pieces of furniture, that are made from water-resistant and micro-suede material, that is super-soft, quite easy to clean, and grips properly with other pieces of sofa for several build options. You can even choose from a number of color options to go with your kid’s room. The basic idea is to encourage interactive learning outcomes using open-ended play.

These are the pieces that make up your play sofa set:

Thick base – Undoubtedly, the foundation and the backbone of all great builds, the thick base has been specially designed with optimal hardness ratio and density, offering the perfect support for your sofa set.

Thin base – Is it a hammock? A cave? A slide? Allow your imagination to go wild using the versatile design of this thin base. This base is exactly half the thickness of your thick base for more creative and flexible use.

Trapezium pillows – These pillows offer amazing build blocks for your sofa set and give your kids the freedom for creating new innovative builds. As they have angled surfaces and a sturdy base, these trapezium pillows are excellent for giving back support and making fun slides.

In addition, play sofa set you can even add a Fun Square folding cylinder. They can be used as wheels for your imaginary race car, a sword of a gladiator, or even use as columns for supporting your royal palace. It can be used much beyond your kid’s imagination, so add this fun, cuddly and soft cylinder pillow to your couch set. They are made of stain-resistant fabric and so can be washed with ease as well.

If you are interested in adding up more fun to your kid’s playroom sofa set, buy Fun Square folding cylinder. The team at Fun Square is available always for discussing your delivery and make sure all your needs are taken care of efficiently and quickly. So, what are you mothers waiting for; order your cylinder pillow set today, and see the excitement it brings to your kids’ faces.

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