Can JavaScript Handle Massive Enterprise Applications?


Based on the latest usage statistics published on, over 91% of websites use JavaScript like a client-side programming language. There’s also numerous programmers preferring writing both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript. However, the developers need to depend on frameworks like Node.js to make use of JavaScript for server-side development. JavaScript can effectively handle large-scale and sophisticated enterprise applications.

Why JavaScript are designed for Complex Enterprise Applications Effectively?

Simplify Composition of Complex Enterprise Applications

The programmers can certainly speedup growth and development of an intricate enterprise application by simplifying its composition. JavaScript libraries allow it to be simpler for programmers to simplify the composition of complex business applications by creating shadow DOM limitations. The Cisco Kid DOM make browsers to create and deliver documents using common HTML tags like div, select and input. Additionally to decoupling the constituents of person JavaScript frameworks, the cisco kid DOM will further facilitate seamless communication between your components. Thus, JavaScript can help programmers to keep and manage effectively by simplifying their composition.

Responsive Website Design

Many surveys have highlighted that a lot of people nowadays access websites on their own cellular devices. Likewise, a gentle increase has been noted in the amount of organizations applying take the own device (BYOD) policies. Therefore the companies must make sure the enterprise application delivers quality consumer experience across different devices. Like a modern web site design technique, responsive website design helps companies to create their web-based enterprise deliver quality consumer experience across a number of devices. But responsive website design emphasizes on use of open technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Isomorphic Database Integration

Many companies nowadays go for isomorphic JavaScript development to produce web applications that deliver more potent consumer experience across many devices. The programmers also think it is simpler to handle, update and keep the isomorphic JavaScript applications. The event model requires programmers to create both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript. Because the entire code is made of developed utilizing a single programming language, it might be simpler for developers to handle increase without having to put any additional time and energy.

Transpilers to Simplify JavaScript Programming

JavaScript was initially designed like a client-side scripting language of browsers. Therefore it lacks a few of the advanced features supplied by modern programming languages like Java or C#. However the developers have option to utilize a quantity of transpilers to simplify JavaScript programming. You also provide option to select from numerous transpilers including CoffeeScript, TypeScript, DukeScript and Vaadin. These power tools allow it to be simpler for programmers to include functionality towards the enterprise application by looking into making the workflow complex. These transpilers further make JavaScript good at handling a number of modern enterprise applications.

Accessibility to Many JavaScript Frameworks

A few of these JavaScript frameworks are robust and fully-featured, whereas other medication is simple. The programmers may use large frameworks like Angular and Ember to include functionality towards the enterprise application quickly. Simultaneously, they likewise have choice to use lightweight libraries like Respond to accomplish a particular task efficiently. Also, they are able to use specialized tools like Node.js to make use of JavaScript like a server-side programming language. Simultaneously, they are able to avail tools like NPM to set up and manage the JavaScript libraries utilized by the enterprise application easily and effectively.

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