Common Applications For Trash Pumps


When it comes to trash pumps, many people will think about simply using a gasoline-powered pump to drain a water-filled catchment area, but did you know that trash pumps can be used for so much more?

Typical applications for trash pumps include:

  1. Cleaning hazardous waste

For example, if you are clearing out a garage or basement that has been full of harmful oil-based paint residue for decades, using a trash pump allows you to remove the mess without creating any toxic fumes safely.

  1. Pumping corrosive fluids away from sensitive sites

If you have an area on your property containing corrosive chemicals, it may be dangerous to pump the liquid out with a standard submersible. Instead, you can use an above-ground pump designed to handle corrosives.

  1. Pumping dirty water that is high in solids or other contaminants

A typical application for trash pumps is pumping dirty water or wastewater that might contain gravel, sand, dirt, or other solid debris. Trash pumps can handle solids that may clog a regular pump and will even transport the solid material away from the water source; it is then up to you what you do with this material.

  1. Pouring toxic liquids down the drain

Did you know that many communities have banned fluids such as motor oil and gasoline from being poured down the drain? A trash pump can handle non-toxic liquids and use the water contained in these liquids to help cool down your pump and keep it running efficiently.

  1. Pumping high-volume water at a consistent pressure

Although they are designed for heavy-duty applications, some trash pumps can handle high-volume water flow rates with consistent pressure. It allows you to connect multiple units in series for even higher volume capacity.

  1. Transferring liquid from one location to another

The material going into your trash pump can be in a separate area from where it is being discharged, and the pump will still transfer the liquid from one location to another.

  1. Cleaning out outdoor fountains

Anyone with an outdoor fountain will know that birds and other pests can make a mess of it, primarily when algae cover them. Using an above-ground trash pump to flush the fountain periodically will keep it clean and discourage animal life from using the water source as a place to relieve themselves.

  1. Cleaning out septic tanks and other waste systems

Keeping this area free from solid detritus that can clog pipes and cause backups is essential even if you have your septic tank. Instead of worrying about removing the solids yourself, use a trash pump to periodically drain your waste system and keep it clear of unwanted material.

  1. Pumping water from a small creek or stream

A trash pump can handle small amounts of water without taking up too much space, making them an excellent option for pumping water from a small creek or stream that you don’t want to cover with an entire pond or well but still want to use for gardening or other purposes.

Bottom line

Trash pumps can handle a variety of applications and will work well in many scenarios. Even if you think it is not possible, a trash pump can hold nearly any liquid and allow you to keep your environment clean without needing to do the dirty work yourself.

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