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Basketball fans, and especially those who also like to bet on this sport, always want to be aware of the events and results of meetings, changes in the team lineups and players’ condition. Information online resources, among which the free portal Scores24 is particularly popular, regularly publish up-to-date information. For example, there is extensive information about the times and dates of the meetings, announcements, reviews and, of course, expert predictions and articles in the public domain.

Predictions on Scores24 – an indispensable assistant in betting

Basketball predictions, which are presented on Scores24, have helped many players to make a successful bet. This site is very popular among bettors and has gained a positive reputation during its existence. Here all interested can absolutely improve their knowledge of sports and read basketball predictions from leading analysts.

Experts thoroughly study the composition of clubs, analyze game tactics and statistical data, and learn information about the sportsmen. Indicators of accuracy of predictions are high. At the same time, their regular reading will not only help to make a successful bet, but also to understand all the peculiarities of basketball.

This sport has its own developed game tactics and schemes, certain criteria for the selection of players in the main team. All these data should be known and taken into account when making predictions, as well as when betting.

Scores24 has a lot of indispensable information about basketball. It includes:

  • team lineups (number of players, new team members, disqualified, injured);
  • detailed analytical information about past seasons ( the previous 2-3 years are analyzed for the most accurate prediction);
  • possible variants of the results of the game;
  • the list of legal bookmaker offices, which accept bets for this sport;
  • news about the top tournaments, including the World Championship, NBA, VTB;
  • information about the players’ current condition, interest in winning, and other factors that may affect the outcome of upcoming events.

Most of the information is freely available. Registered users have a number of additional possibilities, for example, they can chat and exchange experiences, receive notifications about the events they are interested in.

What is worth paying attention to when making a prediction?

By collecting information carefully, you can find a variety of facts. It is necessary to understand what points are really important. When analyzing, it is often necessary to pay attention to:

  • the history of the opposing teams and their coaches;
  • the current form of sportsmen of the opposing team, the mood of the game, motivation;
  • whether the location of the game (home or away) affects the performance of the teams;
  • external factors (meeting conditions, weather, field conditions);
  • the current position in the standings.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the relationships of players within the team, whether there are any open conflicts. These seemingly small things can greatly affect the outcome of the game. The smallest details are important, so it is very difficult for inexperienced players to make such an analysis on their own. Reading expert articles will help you understand everything faster.


Basketball attracts more and more betting fans. Among the main reasons there are advantageous offers from bookmakers, a busy schedule of games and the spectacular nature of the process itself.

Betting becomes easier when the necessary information can be found on one resource. The Scores24 portal offers not only the latest and current news, but also statistical information from the past periods. Thanks to this, you can always stay up to date on the events in the world of basketball, and it becomes easier to determine a potential winner and make a successful bet.

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