How To Prepare For Class 7 Exams?


Students are usually graded at the end of every year in school on their performance and knowledge via exams. While Class 10 and Class 12 usually attempt public exams and are considered crucial in students’ lives, Class 7 is also important, as it lays the foundation for higher classes. Most students may get jitters before exams. For their convenience, we have given here some tips to follow that can help them to face the exams more confidently.

Most students find that studying for the exams from the prescribed textbooks simplifies their exam preparation. Hence, for Class 7 students of Maharashtra Board, this Maharashtra State Board 7th std Books PDF is a crucial resource. Apart from referring to the textbooks, students can follow these tips to get the best results.

Steps To Crack The Exams

  • Prepare a study plan well In advance

Having a study plan ready is important while preparing for an exam. Mark the key dates from the exam timetable. Know the syllabus very well and get an idea about the marks’ distribution. With this as the basis, and incorporating their weaknesses and strengths, students can formulate a very effective study plan, while preparing for the exams.

  • Don’t leave everything to the last minute

Make sure that there is enough time to revise at least once or twice before the exams. Don’t cram everything at the end. Take time and study the subject thoroughly, then revise the concepts well before the exams. Take as much time as needed to retain the concepts in mind.

  • Clear doubts before the exams

Ensure there are no doubts left about any topics of the subject. Clear them all at the onset. Identify the mistakes and make sure to not repeat them for the exams. Students can read the textbooks, look up the solutions, check with friends or discuss with teachers to clear any doubts they may have.

  • Solve Class 7 sample papers

Solving these question papers is the best way to get familiar with the question paper pattern. It helps the students to know their speed and accuracy while writing the exam, thus helping them to manage their time better during exams. This is also a way to self-analyse one’s exam preparation levels and any gaps in knowledge.

Finally, students are advised to revise for the exams the night before, rather than learning new topics for the exams. They should also have proper rest before the exams. On the morning of the exams, students can just look up the notes for power revision and recall the important highlights of the subject.

One of the most important resources for any student of any class is their textbooks, as most concepts of the required subjects are explained clearly in them. This is the reason why students of Maharashtra Board refer to the Maharashtra State Board Books PDF Free Download as a crucial resource for the exams.

We can conclude by stating that students following these tips will be able to crack the exams more easily. Also, if ever they get stuck while answering the question papers, they need not panic. They should just read the questions again and then try answering them. Students will be able to write the exams more effectively by incorporating these habits.

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