Temporary Tattoos: Everything You Need To Know


Temporary tattoos have become popular in recent years, the primary reason being that they are temporary. You can apply them in only seconds and enjoy them as tattoos for a short-term period. They are suitable for those who want to experience the feeling of having a tattoo without fully committing to it. They are also easily accessible, cheaper than permanent tattoos, and can be removed. Here is everything you need to know about temporary tattoos.

What are temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are not inked directly onto your skin, so they are not permanent. They are images designed to mimic the look of a real tattoo. They’re usually printed on a sheet of paper that you use to transfer the design onto your skin. The process is faster, painless, and takes a little time for the design to dry onto your skin.

Different types of temporary tattoos?

There are three primary types of temporary tattoos:

  • Press-on tattoos are the most popular ones that resemble a real tattoo. They retransferred from a water-permeable paper to the skin by adding some moisture onto the paper. People refer to press on tattoos when they talk about temporary tattoos.
  • Henna tattoos- the ink used to draw henna tattoos is made from powdered leaves ground into powder to create a henna paste. The ink is plant-based, so the tattoos often fall between the realm of brown, red, to black shades. They are popular in South Asia and the Middle East.
  • Airbrush tattoos are usually sprayed onto the skin by a tattooist using a special brush machine. They are a great way to explore the world of tattoos and determine if you are ready for a full-time commitment to a permanent one. They are painless and last up to 10days.

You can get a custom temporary tattoo.

You can create your own design of a custom temporary tattoo. Custom temporary tattoos are great for festivals, concerts, branding, business promotions, events, parties, or trending jewelry substitutes.

Are temporary tattoos waterproof?

Many of the press on and airbrush tattoos are entirely waterproof. That means you can take a long bath or go swimming without worrying about your temporary tattoo getting off. That also means you cannot remove the tattoo with water and soap.

How long do temporary tattoos last?

Temporary tattoos can last from 7-14days to which they start fading on their own. The lifespan of a temporary tattoo depends on several things, such as how often it comes into contact with water. Also, it is most likely to last long if it is placed on clean, dry skin. Hair can make it hard for the temporary tattoo to stick, so it’s best when placed on smooth skin with minimum wrinkles. However, there are different guides on how to remove temporary tattoos, such as rubbing alcohol and oil.

Are temporary tattoos safe?

Temporary tattoos contain natural ingredients such as polymers, varnishes, resins, and colorings, so they are safe. Unless you have a skin condition or extremely sensitive skin, they are safe to use. If using the henna paste, choose one that is made from 100% natural ingredients.

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